Sunday, December 17, 2006

Betfair PL Freeroll

Played on the Punterslounge Betfair freeroll tonight - played OK without really getting any cards, finished 25th of 93.

Then went onto a $5 Regular Tourney on Betfair and did OK, finishing 6th of 72 for $23-48. Had Pocket Aces busted by Pocket 3's but I also busted someones Aces with KJs hitting my flush on the river - so the luck evened itself out.
Played one hand terribly and that was the one I busted out on - re-raising All-In on a draw on the river.I keep saying this but Patience,Patience,Patience is whats needed.

Did make a lot of chips up around the bubble when everyone as afraid to get busted, going from 6000+ to 15000+ all around that time (included busting the actual Bubble player).
Must remember that for future, I've read it often but never put it into practice before.

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