Saturday, December 09, 2006

Poker Player Christmas Grand Prix

What a farce this was ... 1000 entrants and must have been over 500+ sit outs.

I was originally on a table with just one other live player, I then busted him out and spent the next 20 mins stealing all the blinds. Moved onto another table with 2 live players, where we agreed to share the blinds. Eventually moved onto a table with about 6 live players, where played bit looser than normally and went out re-raising the Table Bully all-in. I was holding AJ and he showed A4, of course a 4 fell on the flop !! - and I was out.

Irrespective of if i'd won or lost the whole thing was a farce with some people accumalating 30K plus chips before the break - with so few live players on your tables it becomes much more aggressive game, and more luck than skill is required.

Hopefully the monthly Grand Prix will be better organised.

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