Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tis the Season...

OK First 'Blog' in December, just quick round up of what's been happening with my Poker.
Finished $67 in profit in November, and have begun paying for my 'Tourneys' with my winnings - buying into a Mansion $10, and a PL $1 Tourney.

Played 'Live' at Middle Club again on Friday 1st, took RW with me, and we both had an excellent night 'experience' wise - but both ended about £10 money wise.

I finished Unplaced and 5th in the 2 tourneys but won a bit at the cash tables. RW lost his stack at the cash game but finished 3rd in the 2nd comp. Think the more I go the better 'Live' player I'll become, as I'm know concentrating on the cards and people a little more than just concentrating on table etiquette.

My online MTT form seems to have taken a bit of a slide, but my cash game has taken an upward turn - hopefully perserverance will bring both up to scratch

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