Monday, January 08, 2007

Ups and Downs

Played in a big Freeroll last night on Virgin 454 players - its actually in my opinion a pretty poor payout structure only rewarding the top 10 finishers. I played well and finished 10th for 1,0000 v-miles, which I hopefully can convert into cash @ 1p per mile.

Little unlucky going out, when in the Cutoff I attempted an All-In blind steal with a fair hand, K9s and ran into the Button holding Aces!

Tonight I played in another big Freeroll tonight, the Betfair Grand Prix 689 players in this, and I was going along steadily until just before 1st break - when I did a min raise with 44, and was re-raised the minimum by the Button - everyone else folded. As soon as he made the minimum re-raise I though he's got a monster here - getting rid of the opposition with a re-raise and tempting me to play on. So like an idiot I carried on and re-raised him all-in when I missed a raggy flop. He clears up and I'm short stacked - so lost interest on first hand after break got a raiser in front of me and pushed All-In with QJ, he turns KK and actually wins with a K flush to my J Flush.

Poor play by me in both hands.

However my cash game quest is going OK, and I'm currently $14 up at this level, since 30th December. First target is $40, which would mean a step up to next level.

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