Thursday, January 11, 2007

... slowly but surely

Hit my target again tonight in my cash plan, I actually Hit it within the first minute when holding AKs I called a 5*BB raise, in the SB, and we still ended up with 4 players !
Some of these micro stakes players don't know when to fold, anyway an A came on the flop so I checked, the other 3 made it 0.5c to go, so I re-raised 0.37c, and got 1 caller. The turn came 8d which left a board of 7d 5c Ad 8d, I (a little foolishly in retrospect) went All-In, and he called.
I kicked myself as I felt sure he was on a made flush, so when the River came 9d - I thought I must be beat with 4* diamonds and good straight possibilities. But no, I claimed the pot !!
I would love to know what he called that last All-In with, as there are very few calling hands I could possibly beat !! I am guessing he must have called with AJ or AQ.

Then went and played a free STT I'd been given by Titan Poker, and won $6.

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Wonky said...

Cheers for the link. Good luck with the poker.