Sunday, January 14, 2007

Saturday Night...Sunday Morning

Late getting playing tonight, must have been 11:00pm before I started on my Daily Cash Target. I again hit it after about 3 hands, when AA held up on a raggy board and I got player to call me all the way. Stupidly I carried on playing, and lost my buy-in my second table when I hit 2 pair on the flop, and my all-in was called by a player on a Gut Shot and Nut Flush Draw - he hit his flush on the River.
I then continued for another hour, getting back level - then lost another big pot - so I decided to call it a night showing a loss of 1 buy-in ($2-00).

I went onto Full Tilt where I played a couple of $5-50 18 man STT's the previous night and had enjoyed them (Finishing 9th and 3rd) - so went in another tonight got to the final table then into the money on short stack, bided my time and playing disciplined poker got up to a clear 2nd place. Then holding KJ on the button raised 3000 chips and got re-raised All-In by the chip leader, my discipline then deserted me as I called the All-In and he showed AQ vs my KJ. Neither of us improved and I went out a (slightly) disappointing 4th, although still showing a small profit on the night.

I've added a few of my favorite PuntersLounge Blogs to my 'Links' section - all very good reads, please have a gander if you have the time. I'm also nicking an idea from The Clouds blog, and going to put up my monthly Profit/Loss on, if I can work out how to make it show separately from everything else.

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