Thursday, January 18, 2007

Moving on Up

Played a few 0.1/0.2 cash games over last few days - really to get the 10 Raked Hands for Punterslounge Focus game. I've found them (and i don't want to tempt fate saying this) easier than the 0.01/0.02 games, there is far less all ins, and find I can bluff at Pots more successfully when I sense weakness.
Whereas in the micro limits you need to be going all in to make any profit, in these I can more steadily build - plus there are still a lot of poor players in these.

On the tournament side of things I went well in a POKER 333 freeroll tonight, (16th of 179 for $15) picking off players when I sensed weakness - and got lucky only once. Went out to a bad beat (of course) when I called an All-In holding TT, he turned TJ and spiked a J on the River. It seemed to be like a game of All-In or fold for last 30mins - I don't really like the All-In fests, as I always seem to walk into a monster when I try and do it - I think in hindsight I've played better in latter stages of tourneys by simply raising a reasonable amount which can entice weakish calls - and still leaves the fold option if someone comes over the top, which as you have shown strength with a decent raise usually means they need a really good hand to do this.

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