Sunday, January 21, 2007

Late Night Poker

Not that one on the telly, but this one in my house.

I didn't get online until about 11:15pm tonight, I was going to continue my assault on the cash games, but couldn't find an empty seat - then tried to get in a 9 man STT on Betfair, but there where none registering, so as a last resort I went on Full Tilt and looked for an 18 Seater STT, and ended up in a 45 Seater.

Struggled a little early on by eventually picked of a couple of short stack attempted steals against me and made it to the Final Table in 7th of 9. Bided my time, defended my Blinds well, and managed to nick a few each round. Again bided my time and eventually busted the bubble player leaving me 1st of 6. Eventually slight chip-leader with 3 players left, and I continued to be the most aggressive on the table. Then my aggressiveness back-fired when I re-raised a re-raise All-In with my pocket 9's - only to walk into KK. I didn't improve on the flop and my stack was crippled to just over 1*BB -eventually bust out in 3rd for $36.

Just wondering if I ought to be less aggressive in this situation again, as the most passive player on the final table went on to finish ahead of me - is aggression the best way ??

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