Thursday, January 25, 2007

To ReBuy or Not ReBuy

Tried my hand in a $1 Satellite last night - top 10 seats win entry into the $2k guaranteed MNT on Paradise Monday Night. After I'd signed up I realised it was a re-buy and add-on - !!

It was basically just an all-in fest, and in a perverse way it was quite enjoyable in contrast to my usual style of play. I re-bought for $2, after my Kings where busted by T5 - then I hit a nice streak of form, firstly I tripled up with AKs vs QJ and KQ - then played Pocket Pairs twice (77 and 55) and hit a set both times, again doubling up both times.
I hit the front after about 30mins, and apart from a little wobble before the first break , I was looking good - i took the add-on and was 16th of 50+ when the re-buy period had finished.
However by this time the blinds where HUGE , and people were dropping like flies as they rose - I managed to nick the blinds at least once a round to keep well above the rising blinds - and eventually when lying in about 8th the game stopped and I found myself through to Mondays Tournament. Its a good start time for me Monday as well - 21:30, although it may progress into the early hours, we will have to see how hotly contested it is.

My cash game is also going OK - I've hit my first target of $40 - now I'm heading for the next target of $100, a good $17+ profit today put me on a good start.

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