Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday Night Takedown

Played in the Monday Night Takedown tonight, after qualifying through the Rebuy Satellite late last week (see previous post) - finished a creditable 89th of 271, fairly pleased with my showing as I never really had a decent hand all night. Best hand I saw was QQ which I got when UTG, so had to put in a larger than normal raise to detract any Ace-Rags from coming in. I got one caller and an Ace came on the flop ! - but I bet at the pot out of position, and he folded.
The only big difference I did see, with it being a bigger than normal buy-in, was there were a lot less All-Ins, and over betting when the blinds where low.
I went out when only having an M of 7 - i went all in with QAo , and got called by JJ - which I was OK with - appx 50/50 of doubling up, alas not to be - but realised nothing to be afraid of, and never felt outplayed at any point.
Now i'm off to watch Prison Break...

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