Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Gospel According to Phil Ivey.

Start of a new month, and looking forward to continuing where I left off last month. (But not carry on as Yesterday when I played a little on Tilt, during a cold deck session on Paradise - and ended up having a losing day).
After devoting an hour to TV watching, which is something I rarely do nowadays - I went on Full Tilt and played a $5 STT - 9 man. Finished 2nd for a small profit so good start for the month.
Whilst playing the tourney I noticed a phrase on the spine of one of my Poker mags at side of my Monitor.Its attributed to Phil Ivey, and goes a little way to show why he's one of the most feared players in the world. I think its also a reason why I tend to come placed more often than win STT's/MTT's. From now on I'm going to repeat this to myself to psyche me up and get me in the right mindset to win, not just be content to place in the money!

'Anybody can win a Poker tournament, they just have to want to'

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Nabomb said...


Thanks for the link and good luck!

Phil Ivey is referred to by his fellow pros as the "freak".....he's that good.

I don't know if you watch Poker After Dark or High Stakes on NBC and GSN but top pros have nothing but praise for him....he's amazing.