Monday, February 05, 2007

PokerGod the Final

Been away for the weekend in 'The Smoke' to play in the Live Pokergod final.

Enjoyed the weekend, and pleased with 4hours of play in the final - until I played like a complete idiot on my final hand - pushing all-in when if I'd thought long enough I should have realised I was beat. Never mind, its all a big learning curve - and for only my 4th ever live game, I was very pleased with how I handled myself on the table.

The eventual winner WilyWoods aka Nick Woods was on my table all day, I stitched him up good and proper on one hand (Highlight of my day !) - and he was very kind to me after my elimination, saying I was the only person the table that worried him and I projected an excellent table image - which i was quite pleased about, I now need to learn to play the player a little more and just think thorough key situations a lot more.

If you ever find this blog Nick, congratulations on the win, good luck in Vegas - and remember don't replay the losing hands in your head during the tournament - wait until its finished.

Also excellent to meet up with a few PL'ers on the weekend.

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