Monday, February 12, 2007


For the last 5 days I've been suffering from one of the worst ailments known to the male species - 'Manflu' (Don't ever let a woman tell you that childbirth is traumatic - they have never had a bout of Manflu)

I bravely battled through the symptoms to attend my best mates 42nd Birthday bash on Friday, then was mercilessly dragged round a Supermarket,Furniture Store and then to top it all had to attempt household repairs - all whilst in an almost catatonic state - for the remainder of the weekend.
All this, obviously left me drained, and weak - which meant Sunday I could only manage a half hearted attempt at a STT - before having to retire early (After Match of the Day 2) to attempt to improve my condition before work on Monday morning.

Feeling a lot better this evening, I sat down at a $5 STT on Full Tilt - and promptly finished 1st, truthfully totally outplaying the other 8 - sorry if that seems a little boastful.

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