Sunday, February 18, 2007

Nose to the Grindstone

Been feeling bloody Knackered all week - so the pokers been a bit sporadic.

I had a bad session on the STT's Thursday finishing last Twice and next to last on the other one - I'm now playing the $5 STT btw.
Last night I entered a $10 MTT on Ladbrokes - which is a big buy in for me, currently. I played quite well without getting any cards, then hit a few nice starting hands and built up to an above average stack.
The top 10 where paid, and I was lying around 8th of 15 when I made an extremely stupid call. I raised 3*BB UTG with KJo, not the greatest of bets I know, but the table was tightening up as the Bubble approached and I had just dropped below average stack for first time in a long while. Although I was in 8th there was very little Chip Wise between 3rd and 12th. Anyway the BB pushed All-In against my steal attempt - I then made one of the worst plays I have done for ages and bloody called him, even though he had more chips than me - and I was beating only a stone cold bluff. What an idiot - obviously I busted out, he showed a pair of Jacks. I was still thinking about what an idiot I was, while I was shopping for the wife's Birthday presents this afternoon.

Tonight I played a few cash games - Lost $5 on Full Tilt, and won $10 on Paradise - I was at one point $26 up on Paradise then lost 2 big pots - and decided to quit while I was ahead

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