Thursday, February 22, 2007


I quite enjoy filling out these blogs - it can be quite therapeutic sometimes. But one thing about this Blog really 'cheese's' me off, no matter what i do it always asks me for my email address and password to sign in. I always tick remember me on this computer, and does it ?? - does it bloody hell as like - I've tried saving my actual Blog Page as my favorite - still it prompts me for my credentials.

.... moan over - back to the Poker - on a more positive note won and placed in my last 3 STT's which is pleasing - even though one was only a $1 HORSE event, I enjoyed the change - without having too much expectation of winning.(Finished 2nd - had a dominant Chip Lead going into the Razz, just hung on until the 7 Card Stud !! - where I pulled back level - then when the blinds are huge its a bit of a crapshoot at end - I ended up busting out in the E - bit when my High hand of 2 Pair K's and 7's lost to Quad 4's.

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