Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Maniacs you've gotta love 'em

Played a few STT's without cashing lately - but still showing a profit over last few days thanks to my efforts in the cash games. Won about $7 on the PL Focus game Friday (only 2/4c) - then last night went on my 5c/10c tables and landed on a maniac on the table - who seemed to overbet the pot at will. Yet I was still able to bluff him off pots at the river, even when he'd pumped loads into 'em.
Then I limped in with 79o and got a flop 6x8, called his 1/2 pot raise and eventually got him all in when the 5 came on the river. I won $22 - which is very good for 2hrs on a table with those limits.

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