Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Stars in Your Face

Since keeping records from May'06 I've registered to about 20 Poker Sites, some have given me 'Free Money' to start me off - others I've deposited at. Of those where I've deposited cash i've only ever shown a loss at 2, $40 at PokeRoom, where I'm never likely to deposit again as PuntersLounge have blacklisted them and $90 at Pokerstars which is currently the largest online Poker Site, and home of the biggest tourneys.
So i have decided to have a concerted effort to get myself into profit on the site - my sharkscope rating for that site says Form = 'Super Tilt' - I've been that bad. Today i began with a $5 STT which was a lot tougher than my usual sites Betfair,Full Tilt - you can usually spot about 3 rubbish players at these sites each tourney - i had trouble spotting one in this one.
Anyway my chipstack swung more than Britney Spears mental state, but I eventually made it to the Heads Up with a decent chip lead. My opponent was called 'Imsolucky23' - and what a bloody apt name that was!!
I played him to death at Heads Up, winning all the pots with flop play - and getting all his Chips in against mine when holding superior hands - A8s vs A4o he hit a 4 on the flop. AQo v 89 I hit my Queen on the flop, he hits a 9 on the flop and and 8 on the river. He also sucked out on me on 1 other hand when I was favorite.
Of course with hands like those the Chip Stacks reversed and I soon found myself needing to push, however I did so holding Q9 vs QT so this time I was behind !!

The flop came x9x - bloody hell !! my lucks changed !!

Turn was a J .......... River was a K - He hits a bloody strait !!

Anyway on the positive side that's +$8 towards Poker Stars profit, and my Sharkscope rating is no longer Super Tilt (although I still have 1 fish swimming next to my name)

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