Friday, March 16, 2007

Getting my Fingers Burnt

I play Poker on my PC in the corner of the Dining Room - that's Dining Room in name only, as we prefer to eat off trays, in front of the telly. I play solely by the light from the monitor and a small table lamp as, not being a chat box aficionado who likes to see the sound of his own voice, I can do most of my raises, folds etc without the need for a keyboard.
My table lamp is only approx 12" high ,but throws out a beam that could ward off passing ships.It never alters position, and the head points downwards - splashing out beams of light reflected off the table top.

Last night I needed to move the angle of the light slightly, as I was doing a few calculations whilst waiting for a decent hand.Now the head of the light has a straight bit of metal covered in plastic sitting out of the top - I always thought the plastic was packaging, but I couldn't pull it off when I undid it, so its remained on. Last night I found out the use of the plastic covering,when I grabbed the head of the lamp to alter its angle of beam.

Grabbing the head of the lamp it felt like I had just had my fingers pushed onto the bars of an electric fire !! - in my agony I jumped sharply back in my chair, which overbalanced, throwing me onto the floor - i caught the table with my leg as I fell, this caused my cup of tea to fall over and soak Keyboard,mouse et al - I also caught the lamp in my fall, which promptly fell from the table and onto my now exposed midriff- leaving me with a red branding on my stomach.

The pains I go through in my pursuit of wealth........

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Mike & Lou said...

LOL - shame you didnt get it on video tape, it sounds like a youve been framed moment.Hope the PC is ok