Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tight is Right

On lates this week, so cash games are the order of the day - been on 32 Red again tonight, and come out with double my buy-in which is great. I hardly saw any hands of note again, but got paid handsomely with AKs - even though I only had a Pair at Showdown. The only other premium(ish) hand I saw was AJo which I raised 6*BB UTG, got 3 callers - then put in a 1/2 pot size bet at a flop I missed totally - 463 Rainbow. Luckily all folded and the cash was mine.
I never saw a PP in 35 hands, and never hit any part of a flop the few times I limped with 'hands of opportunity' (i.e Axs , and a few connectors) - so with the hands I had I was pleased with the results.

Anyway back to the title of the thread - I was playing with the PT Game Time window open, which I have been using for my last couple of sessions, and noticed of the 10 people at my table when I left 6 of them has VP$IP (Voluntarily Put Money in Pot) percentages of 50%+ (ranging up to an astonishing 80%) and none of them were showing a profit all had played at least 30 hands.
Of the other 4, the 2 with the lowest VP$IP (16%,25%) where showing impressive profits - these had lots of hands against there names, and where definitely Multi Tabling.
The other 2 - well 1 was me, and over 4500 hands my VP$IP is 35%, the other person had a similar VP$IP - and we both also showed profit.
So as the thread title clearly states, it appears (definitely at these stakes) that tight is right - although a little boring!

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