Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bubble and Strife

Went out of a satellite tourney tonight, when i could have easily survived into the 'Top 100' to qualify for the next stage.
Rich played 1/2 hour for me and put me in good position - then i blew it all on 55 then TT and went out 107.
On a more positive note made a small profit in the cash game on 32 Red tonight - only a small profit but i was absolutely card dead for the whole 90min session - my highest A was A9 (twice) then A6 (twice) - and my highest PP was 99 - which was the only hand I won all night, when I played it strongly hitting trips on a 9AQ flop - which is a good flop for a pair of 9's with 2 limpers. -getting a caller for my all-in bet.
There were an awful lot of fish at the table - which is great when your hitting cards, but is frustrating when you aren't

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