Saturday, March 10, 2007

Pokergods giveth, and the Pokergods taketh away

After 3 cash sessions where i lost my max buy in each time, I have now had 2 consecutive sessions where I've won (almost)double the max buy-in each game.
So over the 5 sessions I'm actually up about 1 max buy-in ($10).

I went to play at 'The Middle Club' poker club Friday - although it's moved premises and is now held at the 'Rose and Crown' - Creswell. Another enjoyable night,I really enjoy the few live games I've played, and I bubbled again (3 times out of 6 games I've made the final table on my visits, and I've yet to cash !). Bigger crowd at new venue, but i started off on a tough table, with Kev, and Mike being 2 of the most consistent players that go both on my starting table.

Suffered a miracle runner-runner bad beat against Mike after hitting trips on the flop, made me a 97.47% Favourite to bust Mike out of the tourney, when I called his AK all-in with my mighty impressive 32 o - ( I was just about getting the odds to call - having to put another 495 into a pot of about a 1000) - I'm only a big underdog against a pair.
Mike hit J T to give him the strait - and he eventually made the cash, while I bubbled !!

I'm sure Mike will give his view off it on his blog -Mikes & Lou's Blog - along with his own Bad Beat story from the night.

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