Monday, March 26, 2007

The Good,OK and the Ugly

The Ugly - Multi Table Tournaments

Tonights failures below - (I really must try harder on my MTT's)

$5 Blogger Tourney on Pokerstars - never got a hand, plus it began when I had 3 tourneys on go at once - played poorly with hands I did get. Finished 16/21 - (The Pokerstars jinx continues)
$1 - $5000 added on Dusk Til Dawn - raised all-in with KK's against a player I felt sure was holding Aces - and he was ! Finished 233/248
Freeroll - Poker Satellites - Played OK between getting Tea for my daughter and ordering my missus items from the catalogue !! - went out on Bubble when trying to push someone off a hand when I thought he was bluffing - and he wasn't ! Finished 10/91

The OK - Cash Games

Although I lost $5 when I tried my hand at Omaha - but finished slightly up on cash over the day.

The Good -STT's

I've reverted to the $2-50 buy-ins on Betfair, as I was dead level on the $5 buy-ins, after 27 games - so I've dropped back a level, and decided to make a profit of 10 * the next buy-in before moving up.
I played 5*9 Seaters Tonight and finished 3-1-2-3-5 - to show a profit on these of $11-50.

Leaving me $8-11 up over all disciplines on the day

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