Sunday, April 01, 2007

Is Vic there ??

Just a brief background to this post -

When my mum was up at ours, while me and 'The Missus' were at work, she received a call from my 14yr Old Daughters Form Teacher, saying that she had been late for registration 3 days on trot, and was to receive an after school detention.
My daughter never leaves us a note to say what time she will be in, she knows what time we expect her in, but fearing she would be grounded for her misdemeanour, she left a little note - in which she 'casually' mentions the call - under the pretence of explaining what time she will be home.
I've replicated the spelling,punctuation and grammar (or lack thereof !) exactly as my daughter wrote it - reading it to myself it just sounded as though Vicky Pollard had written it.

I will be back 4 nine o'clock.ring me if you need me.n i'ave only bin late once and that was on thursday because i had to take my cooking thing to the room.And i always walk in wiv sarah n she not got a phone call ome but she got a after school 4 bein late a few weeks ago n i didnt n she werent late and if u r late miss usally puts u on report and she ant me !
c. u at 9.00

Luv u
Isn't education a wonderful thing ....................

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