Thursday, April 05, 2007

3D or Not 3D That is the question

I've put some money into PKR to give it another try. For those of you not familiar with it, it is a '3D' Poker Site where instead of being a simple Avatar (... picture) or name on the table, you are represented by a computer person, which you can dress and design as you wish. (A bit like a Poker version of 'The Sims', for those who kids hog the PC playing that damn game)
Anyway i had tried the 'Play Tables' before to see what was so great about it - and TBH it was a bit like a Poker Site equivalent of 'Myleene Klass', - i.e Very nice to look at, and not a whole lot else going for it.

I'd read it had improved, and was full of easy money on the cash tables - but no, the gameplay was still slow (although not as many people doing chicken impressions as before) - and I found my attention drifting whilst playing, which meant I played worse than normal. But I need 1800 pts for my bonus, and from the brief time I played on the cash tables, I earned 300pts.

So I thought I'd try a STT, went into the lobby and decided on trying a Heads Up STT - and it was really, really suited to this graphical type of site. I now play a couple each morning before work beckons at 11:00 !!

So I reserve judgement on my overall view of the site - I still rate it a 'Myleene Klass' class but the definition of that is now - i.e Very nice to look at, and not a whole lot else going for it, although excellent for giving head ('s up a try)

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The Cloud said...

That reminds me of the "Sally Gunnell" golf shot. It's the shot where you don't make a good contact, and it runs along the ground - but still goes a long way.
"Don't look too pretty, but it's running well"