Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tiswas vs Swapshop in a 'Poker Stylee'

Late at night when our TV has been released from the numerous 'The boy with 3 heads' and 'Ann Maurice, does Changing Rooms before finding some filthy rich Cockneys Two Homes in the Country' type of programs that 'The Missus' watches, I often sit down and watch the Poker Programmes on Satellite Telly.
The two main options remind me of the 'Saturday Morning' TV Choices I had when I was younger - hence the title

Swapshop in a Poker Stylee
Channel 846 provides a new option in the form of 'The Open' - which is set in a lavish studio,has hi-tech Blue Screen graphics, 3 guest's ranging from geriatric ex-soccer stars to Z-List non-entities, 1 Poker Guru and (mostly) an excellent 'Professional Presenter'.
I say mostly as there is a presenter on there who looks and sounds like hes just been extracted from the set of 'Father Ted' - and he moves as though hes being operated by a puppeteer in the throws of an epileptic fit.
The program mainly revolves around a nightly tournament called 'The Open', which I believe is basically a Multi Table 6 Seater Turbo. But its so boring, it's aimed at the complete novices of the Poker world, and is basically a 3 hr advert to encourage people to play on Sky Poker On-Line. Even the usually excellent Tony 'Tikay' Kendall fails to make it sparkle.
(Although last nights programme was worth watching because Kara Scott looked really fit in a short dress)

Tiswas in a Poker Stylee
Alternatively on Channel 843 we have 'Poker Night Live', which is filmed in a Broom Cupboard at East Acton Tube Station. They only occasionally have guests - I think they have to save up the money they earn from busking on the station platform to pay for them - but when they do they are of an excellent Poker pedigree - (..with the exception of Steve Davis ), and the presenters are opinionated and 'raw'. They mix advice for all levels of player, and most importantly of all - from a viewers point of view - its bloody good to watch and at times hysterically funny.
(Although they seriously need to loose the Pokerwize animated tables)

Tiswas was TV Gold, if Poker Night Live could just get 'Compost Corner' (...'COMPOST CORNER !) , and the Phantom Flan Flinger into the mix then it could become cult TV.

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