Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Its a funny old game

After moaning about a bad run of results , the last few nights on my cash tables have seen me with a return of over $70 profit ! - mainly thanks to these two beauties (0.05c/0.10c Table)
1. Hole cards 33 -
Flop 9KK
I check... 2 preflop limper's check.
Turn a lovely 3 !
I check, hoping for someone having a stab at pot with a K. Limper 1 goes All-In, Limper 2 goes All-In, I go All-In they show AK,KT -
River is an 8 !!

2. Hole cards Ks 7h 3 limper's in pot I make up Big Blind from Small Blind-
Flop As 6s Js
I'm first to act and check, all other 4 check.
Turn 9s.
I check (Holding the nuts) BB makes a minimum bet ?! - 1 folds 2 call - I call. 4 of us left in pot.
River 8s
I'm only losing to someone holding QsTs or 7sTs or 5s7s.
I put a minimum bet in to look as though I'm playing the board,player 2 simply calls this bet player 3 bets $1-02, player 4 calls this bet.I put in re-raise to $5-08, player 2 calls,player 3 goes all-in for $7-73,player 4 calls,I call, player 2 calls.
Total Pot $31-52 -Player 2 shows Ts5s,Player 3 shows Qs9d,Player 4 shows .... Q Hearts and J Clubs ???

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