Sunday, April 08, 2007


Been mixed bag of results last few nights ...Some bad days, and others even worse
Wednesday - A bad start to my move up to the next cash level, I went onto 32 Red on Wednesday - took my Max Limit $20. First hand in BB 2 limper's and I check with 98s. The flop comes x98 Rainbow, so I but in a Pot size Raise -1 caller, the other folds. Next card is a Q putting 2 Hearts on the board - so I go all-in, not minding the call if it comes - as he's going to be paying wrong price for his draw anyway.
He turns over JT !! -and leaves me with 0.40c.

Thursday - I'm dropping to sleep while playing and manage to lose another $20

Friday - No Online poker - but I go to Ace of Clubs, Poker Club at Creswell - enjoy the night but bubble in the first tourney, and foolishly stayed for the second (when again I probably just need a good nights kip), and play one of my worst hands in a long time, limping in on the button then bluffing large into 3 Clubs on the flop - and getting called, then missing totally on the turn and going all in !! The lass in the small blind turn s T3c and I'm out just before the final table.

Then I play a 5-man STT and after raising 3 *BB with AA, getting 2 callers I then go all-in on a raggy flop, 1 of them stays in and he shows J3s and hits his flush on the turn !

Saturday - I play 2 *STT,2 Cash Tables for 2 hours - then like an idiot enter a 'Turbo' Super Satellite on Full Tilt. Eventually coming out of all those with a massive 0.86c profit. Again I've been having a swift 40 winks while the games are in progress, only being woken by the beeping when its my turn.

I think I need to sleep - luckily I've got a few days of this week, so may grab a few sessions whilst I'm awake in the afternoons.

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