Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Messengers

I volunteered to drive 'The Missus','Daughter' and friends to see the 'Dancing on Ice' show at Hallam Arena this week - and whilst they enjoyed Kyran Bracken et al for 2 1/2 hours I pondered how to pass the time.
I'd taken my copy of Poker Player and was prepared to find a Burger King, and settle down in there with my magazine,and a large Latte for the duration. However after getting in the wrong lane when nearing the Arena, I stumbled upon a large Entertainment Complex virtually next to the Arena - among the various hostelries and restaurants, was a Cinema.
So I dropped them off for their Ice Extravaganza, and went inside to see what was showing. By the time I had queued for 10 minutes (so busy on Orange Wednesdays !) there was only 1 film starting within the next 30 minutes, so I paid my money, got my Ice Cream and settled down to watch 'The Messengers'.
I emerged 90 minutes later, after suffering more jumps than a frog with hiccups - but I had thoroughly enjoyed being as scared as a 'little girl' (and that's a lot of being scared, just ask the 6 rather plump ones who sat in front of me).
I then found a Burger King and settled down for the remaining hour with my Latte and Poker Mag.

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BurnleyMik said...

Lol! loved the scared like "a little girl" part. According to Cloud you played in the blogger game last night, did you enjoy it?
What is your screen name on stars? Anyway hope to see you next week sir and I will be adding you to my reading list this evening.