Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pokerstars - Condition Critical

Played in the Blogger Tournament again tonight - lot better showing than last week !! - eventually went out in 11th when with the blinds big, I pushed against a raise from Quixote which looked like a button steal - he turned AKs and I showed AJs, and it was goodnight from me.

Good banter though throughout.

Regular readers may know that Poker Stars is probably my worst site results wise, and as such my Bankroll on there had almost gone with the buy-in from the Blogger Tourney - so with a massive $13-40 in my account I hit the cash tables to build it back up.Bring $10 in and with my first hand get All-In with AKs against QQ, he hits another Q on the river and I'm reloading with the last dregs of my 'roll'.

After going down to $2-40, I decide to put it into 2 x $1 STT (this makes me sound desperate !!). Going well in both 2nd on one and 1st in the other - On table 1 where I'm lying 2nd I get it all in on a TJQ flop against the chip leader, while holding AQs -he turns TT and out I go.

My last $1-20 is riding on the final STT, luckily I pull through and win !! - so I'm still living but systems are on life support on the Poker Stars site.

I'm not going to deposit again when this has gone, so the Blogger tourneys will need to be put to one side for a few weeks until I build my stack back up.

I found the opposition in the STT really,really,really poor - so I plan to multi table as many STT's as I can in an effort to build my bank up quickly.

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BurnleyMik said...

What an Excuse!!!! I like your thinking...... Maybe my roll has dropped down too low for me to play... lol Only kidding. Hope you manage to get it back up. You played well and contributed to the banter!!! You will be missed.............