Sunday, April 22, 2007

Marc Goodwin and Julian Thew - I was there

I read with interest an excellent article in this months 'Inside Poker' from Marc Goodwin, describing how to assess types of people you encounter on the Live circuit.

I was reading about :-
Type 6 - The Pro
When a feeling of deja vu, hit me. Marc was actually describing a table that I had been sat at !
I quote - (apologies Marc if its copyright, I'll dump a few chips on you when I play you again,to compensate)
'Recently at the Asian Poker Classic in Goa - His memories a little skewed about this, it was actually The Ace of Clubs ,Friday Night $12 Classic at Creswell - I was sitting next to Julian Thew, and noticed he was declaring a raise - He could have actually added that Julian was sporting a fashionable Red and White bandanna, on the particular evening - , the player several seats - he exaggerates it was just one seat - away was holding his cards in such a way as to give the impression he was going to pass.
The player before him did pass - he actually passed out, through alcohol poisoning - , but he raised, a sure sign he had a big hand, he actually had A-K knocking out Julian'

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Mike & Lou said...

LOL - $12 Creswell classic.

Congrats on breaking your duck on Friday.