Saturday, April 21, 2007

My First Live Cash

After going out on the bubble numerous times (see previous posts!), I finally won my first live game last night at 'Ace of Clubs' ,Creswell. I won £40 give or take a few coppers, and was really chuffed.
I thought I played very well, and didn't really need any luck to win - My two key pots where when I took a big pot from the Table leader after calling his preflop raise holding 88, then hitting the full house on a flop of TT8 - and calling his bets all the way to the River, before betting into him on the River where he folded.

Then on the final table, I caught AK in the BB, and the player on the Button raised All-In, turning AQ - so I doubled up there, then went into the Heads Up with a slight deficit, but turned it round and won in about 6 hands.

I crashed out early in the second game -but as always the banter was excellent all night, and it's worth the entry fee alone just to watch Mike's table wind-ups, while listening to Lou, with a resigning sigh, correctly predicting the result of everyone.

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