Thursday, April 19, 2007

Davy Crocket didn't have this trouble

Playing in a cash game on Prima last night, my cash game has gone a bit flat lately - lose a bit , win a bit, win a bit more , lose a bit and so on - last night started badly when I ran AK into AA on a K high flop, but I made back the deficit, and was about $3 up, when I decided I'd call it a night, after I'd played to the Cut Off position.
So last hand of the night and I had been watching a player in early position, who'd been min -raising out of position all night, and the hands he'd shown consisted of K-Rag Q-T, Q-Rag. So last hand of the night he min-raises again, all fold to me and I call (Holding Ah4d - not normally a hand I'd call with, as I hate A-rag, usually) everyone else folds.

Flop comes Kd Ac Qc - he bets minimum, I put a 3/4 pot sized raise in - I'm certain I'm in front and hes playing a King/Rag. He doubles my bet, so I push All-In. I'm hopeful he's stupid enough to call - and Bingo he does ! - showing Kc7d

Next card is 4c, giving me 2 pair !! - then the river falls, and its another club ..... giving him the K high Flush.

Its not the bad beat I mind so much - but the fact that I read him so well,laid a trap and he took the bait - then the bloody thing fails to spring correctly, and it ends up snapping shut on me !

Bloody Poker !!


BurnleyMik said...

Ouch! You can be the best hand reader in the world, but if you get it all in with cards to come...... Thats why poker can be sch a bitch I guess. Great read though and if you come accross him again..... BINGO!



The Cloud said...

How did you get on in the end last night VoJ in the PL blog tournie???
- after you put me out that was ;o)
(in fact I put myself out in reality a few hands earlier).

voiceofjoe said...

I finally finished 8th - wasn't impressed with my Final Table play.
I intended to treat it like a STT, which for me is play aggressive with the Premium hands when the table was fairly full - as there was very little between 1st and last (in respect that 1 pot won would send you from bottom to top).

However I got involved with Croc, - who I class as a tight player - when he re-raised and, I was holding QTs.
I'd already committed a fair bit with my initial raise and he was one of the smaller stacks -so I called, he turned QQ and My stack was decimated.

After that its push or die - so I pushed,and died!!

In retrospect my error wasn't calling the re-rasie, I think it was getting involved with the marginal hand with so many people still around.

But it was a good tourney, and the crack on the tables is always good in the PL Games

The Cloud said...

For me it was a bit strange for a PL tournament, because normally they are relatively tight for the whole game - but there were a few non-poker people playing, and early it was quite easy to nick a few easy chips.
A shame I didn't adjust my play when I hit the final table and some of the big boys were there.
I'm gonna be playing a lot on the PL again now - and the PL blog is starting up again in the next couple of weeks.