Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Best Goddam Hand in Poker

Played in the 'Deep Stacks' monthly tourney at Creswell tonight - the Poker Club I frequent once/twice a month. I got to the final table, but was looking very sick with the blinds doubling every 15 mins, 5 places got paid and I was sitting with the shortstack in 6th.

There seemed to be an all-in every circuit so I'd been hanging on hoping someone got knocked out - but no, and now I was left holding 6.5 k and paying the Big Blind of 4k, the button raised me all in and I called Blind for my last 2.5k without even looking at my cards.

Richie on the button turned over AcQs, my hopes where a little slim - but then again lets see what I'm holding, I could have fluked a big hand ...... I reveal my cards, and all my prayers had been answered.... as I turn over 7h2d the mighty 72off suit !!, or the Hammer as its affectionately known on the Weekly Bloggers Tourney.

The flop came 8d 6d Th ..... The Turn ..... 7d !!

'Please no Ace or Queen, I think' ......

But alas the river was ...... Jd ..... !! I hit the Diamond flush just to ensure victory.

Richie was crippled, (emotionally and financially) - and I'd doubled through. The vociferous blinds ate away at everyone's stacks, and I kept a low profile waiting for people to become blind fodder. I finally ended Heads Up, and did a deal with Nigel splitting the 1st and 2nd prize monies.

Up about $110-00 on the night (£55 Sterling), the month has suddenly become profitable.

Congratulations, and Good Luck go out to Kev from the Club, who has won through to the Helsinki open in Finland,via a Satellite on Poker Satellites, which takes place in 3 weeks time

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