Saturday, June 02, 2007

Monthly Round Up

Well after a terrible first 20 days, the Live Cash turned my fortunes around, and a few STT successes gave me a May profit of $103.91 which am more than happy with.

Of course on top of this I have my Trip to Vegas, and my WSOP tourney, although I won't add that in until I've played and returned - winning the $250k first prize would make it one of my best months ever !

This month started of in a positive vein as well, after losing a bit on Stud Cash tables I played a $5 MTT which also gave one seat into a Satellite for the Virgin Scottish Open - I finished second for $39, which I was pleased with, I was chip leader for most of the final table after hitting a nut flush and busting another big stack, I went into Heads Up with about a $5k chip lead and although I lost, I thought with the exception of 1 hand when I held Pocket 2's and called his push on a raggy board - He was a tight player and I should never have called - where he took a big lead, I played as well as could be expected.

I eventually went out pushing against a 2*BB Raise post flop when holding Middle Pair and an open-ended strait draw - he called also holding Middle pair, but his Queen Kicker beat my Jack, and no strait came to my rescue.

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