Sunday, May 13, 2007

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

On the flipside to my previous post, about the relegation of 'Sheffield United' - I had a bet with a chap at work, quite a while ago,for £5 that Sheff Utd would not be relegated.
I noticed that they where 7/1 to be relegated Friday night, and then Betfair sent me a free £5 bet on any Premiership market this weekend - so although I felt a bit of a Judas, I hedged my liabilities - and put my Free £5 on Sheff Utd to be relegated, therfore after paying out to my work colleague tomorrow, I'll have ended up £30 better off from 'The Blades' demise.

All good for my bankroll !!


The Cloud said...

This Cloud hasn't got a silver lining - more of a grey tinge.

I'm with you on the West Ham thing - I'm disgusted by it. The £5 1/2 million is nothing when you look at it now.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

The Hammers thing is bullshit but WTF was Jagielka thinking when he handled in the box?

Burnelymik said...

Something doesn't ring true with this whole scenario. I would be seriously annoyed if I was A sheff. fan. Will be interesting as Whelan said last night he is still taking legal action and backing Sheff.