Sunday, May 13, 2007

Blades down ... West Ham Survive (Cheats do prosper)

I'm a Sheffield United supporter, and today is a sad day for the club as they have been relegated from the Premiership, on Goal Difference - after losing to Wigan - and West Ham beat Man United.

There is an awful sour taste about the whole relegation scenario this year as West Ham have fielded, at least 1 and sometimes 2 ineligible players for 6 months of the season. Their punishment for doing so a £5 1/2 million pounds fine, this may sound a lot, but relegation from the Premiership costs a club an estimated £35 Million pounds. Previous transgression of such rules have been subject to hefty fines and the docking of points - but someone within the Premiership hierarchy must have shares in West Ham it seems.

The other 4 Premiership clubs involved in the relegation fight are supposedly going to launch an appeal - but I'm nothing if not a realist and am facing the fact that 'The Blades' will be playing Championship football next season.

But if we could just get a few Argentinian, or Brazilian Internationals, who are at a loose end for the season we may have a chance of coming strait back up - punishment free !!


Amatay said...

You 'support' the blades and yet you backed them to go down LMFAO lololol. Up the Hammers!!!!!!!!

voiceofjoe said...

Money Talks....