Monday, May 07, 2007

Things gone a little flat

After my Vegas Freeroll win last week things seem a little flat on the Poker front, the cash games are either Small Profits, or Full Buy In losses and the STT's see me going out in 4th 5th or 6th. I can't really generate any enthusiasm for the games at the minute, and I'm not sure why.

Have I been playing at the lower limits to long ? - if I follow my Bankroll guidelines then I still have another 43 days at my current average before I move up to the next level which is depressing.

I'm almost at my Bankroll guide to move up to the next STT level, another 15-20 tourneys at my current profit per tourney - again have I been at this level too long ?

Am I just looking forward to my trip a little too much ?

Am I concerned that for the first month since last August I haven't started the month in profit and that this follows on from a poor end to (albeit a profitable) last month ?

... answers on a Postcard please.

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