Sunday, May 06, 2007

Show me the Money

After my Vegas Trip win, I've been trying to withdraw my expenses so I can get the flight,hotel sorted out.What a pain it was to withdraw from Full Tilt ! - It sounds like I'm moaning but I can understand they are extremely safety conscious, and I think its turned out to be a bit of a blessing in disguise to be truthful.
I originally made my payment onto Full Tilt by Click2Pay as I had to use a money wallet, and they seemed easiest to register with at the time. That was last June time, and as I am a winning player on there I've never needed to deposit again (or withdraw for that matter). But when I came to try and withdraw back to Click2Pay, they voided the transaction as I hadn't deposited via them in the last 6 months. So basically if your a winning player, who only has to deposit the once, you cant get your money out ?!?

So I was required to action another deposit, before I could do a withdrawal.In the meantime I had re-examined the Click2Pay withdrawal methods - looking how I transfer cash directly into my bank - and it appears the only withdrawal method they do is a check. I wasn't keen to have a check for such a large sum as it all takes extra time, plus it could easily get 'lost in the post' .

So I've decided to create a new money wallet account and I've chosen Moneybookers - and am very impressed with the options they offer, and security they take in comparison to Click2Pay.

I deposited another $50 into Full Tilt to 'register' MoneyBookers as my main payment processor - and was able to withdraw my $3000 dollar expenses back to MoneyBookers 10 minutes later.

I now have a couple more security verifications to do on MoneyBooker and I can set about paying for my flights and Hotels.

If any of you good readers can recommend a reasonable priced Vegas Hotel then please post in the comments - I'm currently edging towards 6 nights in the Imperial Palace

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Mike & Lou said...

Last year me and Lou, stayed at the Luxor, which was nice, although not as central as IP.One of my colleagus recently stayed at Flamingo and recommended that too.

Worth checking out
before you book anywhere, always a good place to start.