Tuesday, May 22, 2007


As the Freeroll (Post Below) looked like continuing well into the early hours,and I'm on earlies all week I decided to call it a night about 10:00, after calling off a large stack as Ten O'Clock approached I was left with about 3000 chips and was lying about 112th of 120.

I had been in the chatbox on my current table talking much about nothing, and declared that I was going All-In on my Big Blind -which was 3 hands time - as I needed to get up early.

So my big blind is about to be dealt , and I reiterate in the Chat Box, 'I'm all-in this hand' - my cards are dealt and the player UTG LimpsIn, everyone folds round to the small blind, who also limps in. True to my word I go all-in for my last 3000 chips, UTG goes all-in also (he has me covered) and the SB folds.

Lo and behold, I had been dealt AA and UTG showed 76s - I was pissing myself laughing as the abuse came from the other players. My Aces held up,I felt guilty as hell and everyone thought I was a Con Artist.

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