Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I've risked no money playing Poker tonight, and bloody enjoyed it. The saying goes 'No Risk , No Return', but in my case at the moment its 'No Risk,No Loss'. However I played in an overly subscribed freeroll, promoted by the Daily Star and decided to play a lot of pots postflop in the early/middle levels (and it was a very good structure for a Freeroll).
I don't want to blow my own trumpet, but i felt really, really confident as though I knew every card my opponents had . I was intentionally keeping the pots small when I was playing with position and without the cards, I would spot the weak raises and re-raise with nothing, or win the hands showing middle pairs when I felt they were playing for draws.
I was winning nice pots with starting hands such as T8s K5o A2o 65o without once hitting a flush or a strait, and only showing down once when I won with after pairing my T on a Queen High board.

I would assume the standard of player was poor to awful, but it was so much better playing this postflop style as opposed to the big preflop raises. Its a style I will try against better opposition, when I'm more confident in my form.

I've just sat back and analysed the ideas behind this 'Smallball' style, and with the deeper stacked, slower blind tourneys it seems a far more logical way to play. Keep the pots (relatively small) and play with the cards on the flop as opposed to just the hole cards - you can even in some cases play without the cards and just play against your opponents weakness.

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