Sunday, June 24, 2007

Vegas - Day One 16th June

I've finally arrived back from my WSOP Vegas trip,from my Full Tilt freeroll win, so will now 'blog' my time there retrospectively.


Set off about 0600 UK time on 16th June, got to Gatwicq Airport in plenty of time for my 1350 flight.Notice my spelling of Gatwiq - if anyone ever says that you have spelled it incorrectly, and that there is no 'Q' in gatwiq, then they have never tried to fly North West airlines on a Saturday afternoon, because Gatwiq is one big Queue, from Checking In,to Passing through Departures even buying a Big Mac and a Newspaper, its Queue,Queue,Queue.5 hours of queuing later I'm off to the Good ol' US of A
Transfer through Denver is a smooth as anything, and at Las Vegas I can just simply pick up my bag and wander freely into Sin City. However it is now equivalent of 0700 UK Time on 17th June, so after being awake 25hrs I just curl up in my King Size bed, and sleep.

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