Thursday, July 12, 2007

I feel the need, the need for ....

... Speed

My cash game keeps on at a pace, however I've been losing some of my profits playing some satellites for Various higher value comps.
The problem with the satellites I've been playing is that they all seem to be Turbo, or Super Turbo MTT's, and I'm not certain what the best policy is in respect of starting hands and bet sizes are for these type of tourneys - as I've never played them before.
A couple of observations I've made are that

-- You get quite a few all-ins in the first 3 or 4 hands
-- It then seems to level off a little and you probably get 1 all-in every other hand !
-- People bet and call with absolute tripe
-- One lost bluff almost wipes you out of contention

So my question for any Turbo aficionado's is

Should I be ignoring the drawing hands and just be playing Ace/Any,Pocket Pairs strongly, or is there opportunity for decent post flop play.
Are these just glorified lotteries, or is there some semi-optimum way of playing these.

The field sizes I have been playing in average around 50,and Sat Seats per game average about 4.

So any Poker equivalents of Jeremy Clarkson - whats the best way to handle a Turbo ??

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Mike & Lou said...

I have a tactic for the super turbo's which seems to work quite well, its slow play everyhand, using all time permited and then go in big when you have a hand and are first in the pot.

The slow play, allows for the blinds to take out or affect your opponents and hopefully means you get to play less hands and pay less blinds. The going in big, is that some people play absolute rubbish so when they dont get lucky you get paid off.

Turbo's I tend to play the same way I do usual tourneys, if its cheap enough for you see drawing hands, if not dont get involved.If you get too low, you have two moves allin or fold.

Thats me, I'm sure theyll be differing opinions.

All the best