Monday, July 09, 2007

Fame,Celebrity and Fingerless Gloves

The write up regarding my Full Tilt Sponsored visit to Vegas is in this months Inside Poker. To say how much I (didn't) achieved its a lovely piece - not on the same scale as Mikes Betfair write up, but we are talking Poker on an International scale here - not just national ! ;)

I'm photographed with a coat on fastened up to the neck,and I also have my (not so) lucky pajamas on underneath my trousers - all this at Midday in 110 Degree heat !! I had also tried in vain to find a pair of woollen fingerless gloves to wear, for playing, but apparently there isn't much call for woollen gloves (fingerless or otherwise) in the Nevada Desert

Another pleasing fact about the article is the Cover Girl on 'my issue', none other than the thinking mans 'Helen Chamberlain', Vicky Coren !!
So even though I can't, yet, say that my Poker prowess has given me a WSOP Bracelet to my name, I can truthfully say that my Poker skills managed to get me , 'Under the Cover' and 'Between the Sheets' with Vicky Coren !! - and she can say the same about me. (Its OK I can cope with the gossip)

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BurnleyMik said...

Pretty sure you must be the only guy in the world who could make Vegas look cold!!! hehehe.

At least you went though!

Wow, talking to a famous man!