Monday, July 09, 2007

Bigger Bait, same Fish

After my earlier cash success, I was looking for a bigger (than my usual) buy-in MTT to enter and after Mikes successes on Betfair I fancied a crack at the $1750 GTD Tourney which started at 20:00, alas we needed to visit my parents for an hour later in the evening so that was off the agenda.

I finally got back from visits around 23:00, I couldn't see anything to take my eye on Betfair, but saw a $2k GTD - $20 MTT on Paradise starting about 23:30. However I was probably looking at a 03:00 to 04:00 am finish, so with work in the morning I decided on an STT.

I have just moved up to the $5 STT after hitting a constant profit on the $2-50, but I there was a $10 almost full, so I joined that, my courage helped by the earlier cash game success.
I thoroughly expected to be out of my depth here, thinking I would be up against All-In pushes for most of the tourney, but was pleasantly surprised at the low quality of a fair percentage of the table.
We even had an all-in first hand with 78off, getting called by QQ- which eventually turned into Quads by the river. I ask you All-In 78off to win 30 chips ?? WTF ??
The winner of that hand then promptly lost his profit when holding KK he called an All-in post flop on a AJ9 flop, obviously the other guy turned AJ to win the hand. Again I think a better player would have been able to lay down the KK after the All-In
Anyway to make a short story long, I eventually won it in about 50mins, the remainder of the players were nothing special. I won 1 all-in (where I would have been out if I had lost) when I was a slight underdog, but apart from that time I managed to pick my spots, winning 2 more all-ins (when having opponent covered for chips anyway) and absolutely playing my Heads Up opponent of the park.

As these young kids would say ...... Ship it !!

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