Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Taste of Paradise .....

No not Bounty's, just Donkeys.....
I had my best cash session ever just now, playing on Paradise Poker.My cash game has improved over the last few weeks - (since I came back from Vegas actually, where I watched a lot of live cash games), my style of play has altered and apart from one lapse my cash sessions are either showing regular small profits. I'm only playing low stakes, 0.12/0.25, so none of your Brian Townsend figures here, but nice for me all the same.
Anyhow in tonight's game, I had again been playing steadily and the table was quite tight, a fair amount of pre-flop limping, and check raises. I was browsing the net, when I was alerted to play my hand and looked down at a pair of aces. I noticed we had a min-raise UTG and a call from the next early position ... the action is on me
Here is the way the hand panned out .......
......what a nice situation to find yourself holding Aces !

About 3 hands later I find pocket 10's and hit a full house against a guys nut flush ... kerching !!

Then I find myself with pocket 10's again and this happens ..... .
To give me my best session ever, at this point I was $100 up on my $25 buy-in, which is good going at 0.12/0.25 levels !I then started playing a little looser and donked off $10, but still a nice session.

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