Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Late Night Poker with Nobby Stiles

In my formative years, during my times representing the School, and District at Football I was used to the odd knock or two.
Speed was never may forte at Sport, my footballing style was fashioned in the manner of Norman Hunter,Billy Bremner et al, to quote my High School PE Teacher, I was a 'raightdottybugger'. This led to me having more than my share of knocks and scrapes - they were part of the game, I'd play next day carrying my scars like trophies to prove to my fresh opponents that I take no prisoners and give no quarter.
Now I'm persuing a less physical sport, where I thought the only chance of Injury was getting bitten by the Dog, during a late night victory lap of the living room, to celebrate that success in the 7hour Freeroll, or a glancing blow from the rolling pin as the wife welcomes you home from a late night session at the Local Poker Club.But no ! .... I realise that once again I am partaking of a sport that requires a daily battle through the pain barrier, to suffer once again for my sport. Along with other sporting related ailments such as Tennis Elbow,Joggers Nipple,Skiers Thumb and Athletes Foot let me introduce you to Poker Players Piles.
So if you ever have the (mis)fortune to sit across from me at the Poker Table, that Poker face I'm showing might just be trying to disguise the fact that my 'Nobby Stiles' are giving me some right jip!

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BurnleyMik said...

"poker Players Piles" - Absolute Classic!