Saturday, June 30, 2007

Junes Summary

After accounting for my 'Profit' (Expenses not Used !) from my Vegas Trip, and getting some good results in the Full Tilt 2*Table STT's, plus a slight upturn in my cash games since arriving back from Vegas, then this month is my most profitable ever.
Extremely pleased the way the games going at the minute, and if things commence in the same vein next month then I am going to start playing a few more buy-in MTTs - as I feel this is probably the strongest aspect of my game yet, mainly due to the shift patterns at work, I play almost no Buy-In MTT's - concentrating on the Freerolls,STT's or Ring games.

We are having major re-decoration at home July/August, so I may have to knuckle down to a few evenings with the Emulsion and Paint Brush !! ... in the hope the missus will give me a night off for good behaviour.
If so I hope to get down to see the crowd at Creswell a couple of times, hopefully they'll go easy on me the first few times back.
Also earlier in the month I tool advantage of a £5 for 13 month membership at Chesterfields 'Rileys Snooker Centres' who are having tourneys 3 times a week. I think they do a £10 Re-Buy on Mondays, £20 Freezeout Thursdays and a £10 Freezeout on Saturdays, the Saturday one is part of a 10 week national tourney.
I think its a little too late to qualify for the Area Finals in the Saturday Tourney, but I may just go down on a Saturday Evening and see what the standard is like.

So this month along with my online returns, hopefully I can get a couple more live cashes under my belt.

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