Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Vegas - Day Seven 22nd June

I began my journey home today, everything ran pretty much to time, and again the transfer in Detroit helped break up the Journey a little.
I was seated next to a young American,called Jeff, on the 8 hr flight from Detroit to Gatwick, and after chatting to him a short while I find he is coming over to a school in Folkestone to become a 'Christian Missionary', I'm an atheist and we had a quite interesting discussion on the pro's and cons of religion, and I was informed that apparently if I don't let Jesus into my heart, that when I die I will actually be placed in purgatory for eternity. In a swift effort to divert such a fate, I promptly offered him my 'Chocolate Brownie' when dinner was served - If that doesn't completely save me, I'm hoping I get at least a nice desk job in the afterlife.

After having the pleasure of his sermon on the ways of Christianity, and the fact that all other religions are made up of either terrorists, or are completely misguided- (oh except for Buddha, who according to 'Jeff' is 'Just a big fat guy'), I have come to the conclusion that its not only Moonies, and Tom Cruise that can become 'Brainwashed' by religion.

Thankfully when we reached cruising altitude I was able to watch the film, which I thoroughly enjoyed - 'Shooter' starring Mark Wahlberg.

The tiredness began kicking in on the train home, and finally after another 20hr+ journey I walked through my home in good ol'blighty and into the arms of my missus, who I had missed greatly during my weeks adventure.

As they say its nice to go away, but its even nicer to come home


Mike & Lou said...

nice write up Martyn, hopefully success will be on the cards next year

Amatay said...

Nice blog m8. I c ur another fan of Vick C too. She is a godness m8 sooooo fit. You wanna swap links? gl.

voiceofjoe said...

Thanks folks, yep I will again try through freerolls next year

and Amatay...,even though your a West Ham fan, I've linked you
Thanks again

The Cloud said...

Fantastic post - had to put this here: