Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Vegas - Day Five/Six 20th and 21st June

After my loss in the tourney I was feeling a little down, and was ready for the flight home - I had no desire to play Poker the last 2 days, and spent my time between seeing a few more of the Hotels on the strip, and watching the cash games in the Poker Rooms within them.
I called in the Venitian on the Wednesday, and they had been running a month long series of Tourneys (mostly Hold Em, but a couple of HORSE/Omaha mixed in) for $312 and $500 buy-ins, the day I called in there was a 500+ runner Hold Em Event on. These probably offered better value to the casual punter than the actual WSOP events.
Unless you won a package to a WSOP Event, they are extremley poor value for UK players, take an example of Jonathan who placed 13th in the Razz tourney - his package was worth $4500 and he only actually won $5800, so if he was buying himself into that event, paying all his own expenses he would have barely made a profit - unless your extremely tight (like me) $3000 for flights,accomodation,food and entertainment is barely enough to cover a weeks stay.The tourneys are still very top heavy in payout terms, so unless you finish say in top 3 your chance of a nice payday is zilcho.
Thursday I did much the same, except for being treated to my best meal of the week courtesy of Alun @ Inside Poker, when I had a slap up meal at Ceasers Palace - he had hinted that he'd invite Vicky Coren along also, but I think that was a case of wishful thinking on my behalf, and touch of 'Balderdash and Piffle' on Aluns - Aluns a smashing guy, but he does like to name drop !! (Well at least it gives me an excuse to post a picture of the lovely Miss C)

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