Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Vegas - Day Four 19th June


My tourney was scheduled to start at 5pm, so the morning I spent off strip, buying a few souvenirs for family, and I bought myself a light sports mac - as even though it may be 108f outside in Vegas, sat inside with the Aircon blowing it can get cold.
I eventually got to the Rio for about 4pm, met up with Alun, the InsidePoker Editor, for a few pre tourney pictures - we unfortunately only managed the one before Aluns battery went on the camera !


I sat down for my tourney at 5pm,surprisingly free of nerves.Due to the heads up tourney and cash games in progress, we began our tourney in a Marquee at the back of the Rio Convention Centre, its all glamour at the WSOP !

I didn't recognise any 'faces' at the table, but there was a small 50 something lady,who had obviously spent a lot of plastic on plastic in a failed attempt to rejuvenate her youthful appearance,she seemed to know everyone - I later found out she was some very minor star called 'Barbara Lewis', she had cashed in the Razz game the previous day.
There was also a tall bald headed bloke, who had the face that only his mother could like, he seemed quite camp, and was adorned in Pokerstars clothing - I was later informed he was 'Dennis Waterman', well if it was then hes changed an awful lot from when he appeared in 'The Minder'!
Then on my left I had a rich yankee lad from Seattle, he introduced himself but I haven't a clue what his name was, I'll just refer to him as how I perceived him and call him 'Kid Dickhead'.He had been at the WSOP for 2 weeks, daddy was obviously paying him to stay away for a while, he had already played in about 4 tourneys without success - so was obviously working his way through daddy's cash.


The first dealer we had didn't know how to deal Stud, and was being tutored by the other players as to how it he should proceed, thankfully he was quickly changed. My first big pot was against Dennis Waterman, I noticed he would seem to play some marginal upcards, and would check the streets often in an attempt to get cards for free. So he made up the bring-in to a pot and I looked down at 3 spades, and completed.I eventually hit my flush on 7th Street, and he showed 2 pair so after winning my first WSOP hand I was well pleased.
My next big hand was against Kid Dickhead, I looked down at Kings in the hole and completed the bring-in, he called and there was just us two in the pot. I bet each street, and hit another King on 5th street,and made the full house on 7th street.He showed 2 pair after having Aces in the hole, and after I nonchalantly said 'Oh, did you have Aces as your hole cards ??' - he seems to think this comment is meant sarcastically (moi, never!) and he lets go with a quiet stream of obscenities,along the line of 'Of course I had aces in the fuckin' hole... did I have aces in the hole? , huh, are you real, yes I had aces in the hole.. for fucks sake'.
About 3 hands later I'm in the pot with him again however, this time I had brought in and I have no pair and not much of a draw, I hit an Ace on 5th street and immediately bet into it, 'Kid Dickhead' thinks long and hard and decides to muck - at this point I really wished I had shown him I had Jack Shit, as I'm sure it would have sent him on tilt big time, but I didn't, I just collected the pot and threw the cards in the muck.
By this time we were about 3 hours in and everything was looking good, the first person eliminated from the tourney had been on our table, and I was chip leader on the table at the time - so I was going along fine.


That however this is were good things stopped happening - all the time I was finding myself struggling to get along with the mechanics of the Live game,remembering to Ante Up... what the Bring In was ... what size bet was required on what street... doubling the bet when a pair was up.. etc. It is a completely different experience to playing hold'em live. In hold'em I never look at my hole cards until its my turn to act, I did this a couple of times in Stud and of course by then the dead upcards have been taken !!, I also like to chat at the tables, but again when I did this I would then find difficulty remembering what had been played, or mucked.
So this factors aligned with a period of poor cards where the contributing factors to my demise.
The first big pot I lost was against 'Kid Dickhead' when again I had Pocket Kings against his Pocket Aces, only this time he hit his full house against my 2 pair. I then lost a big pot against the Barbara 'The Plastic Pensioner' when she played two pair, and I was drawing more than Rolf Harris on 7th street, but couldn't hit either a Flush,Straight or another Pair to go with my 2 queens.
With the Antes and Bring Ins getting larger my stack was dwindling and I now had about $3.5k chips, the table got split up and I was moved. I then lose a big pot on this table when with Kings in the hole again (my signature hand !!) and a Queen as upcard I hit another Queen on 4th street - I'm playing heads up against the guy who brought in with the 3 hearts.We are betting all streets, then on 5th and 6th street he hits running 3's leaving him showing Trips up. I'm drawing to 3 cards on 7th street(1 queen had already been mucked), so have to muck my hand.
By now I have decided that the next hand I get is going to see the remainder of my chips cross the line, so when we get 3 limpers preflop, and I look down at K4 with a King up then I decide now is the time. I raise on 4th street and get called by the bring in showing 2 hearts, I end up all in only bettering to 2 pair - he is showing 2 sixes, but again I have come up against someone with Aces in the hole - so I am out.


My initial reaction is immense disappointment, which in hindsight is strange as I didn't have any expectation of winning,really.
I'm not 100% certain of my final finishing position, as if you have ever been to the WSOP you will know that information is very difficult to come by - the chip counts and remaining player info is very rarely updated. However as I left the auditorium the board said players remaining 168, so I am assuming a finishing position between 160-170.
After my defeat, I walked about 2 miles down the strip to the Mandalay Bay Hotel, to pick up my taxi home, I treated myself to Steak and Eggs when I got in the hotel about 0230am then retired to bed - my WSOP Dream over, at least for this year

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